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BSc is one of the most trusted brands in compression clothing. The reason is that this company doesn’t just make products that look good and fit well, they base all of their products on science and research which allows for every athlete to perform at their very best every time they take to the field or court. BSc continues to improve their line of compression products, ensuring that each athlete has exactly what they need to outperform even themselves.

Company Overview

BSc is different than many of the other companies that create compression clothing because they take the creation of their products to a whole new level. The company is based out of Australia, and they pride themselves on the importance of sports science when it comes to the manufacturing of compression clothing. BSc offers the next generation in Multi Directional Targeted Medical Grade Compression Garments. While this sounds a bit too scientific for some, it simply means that the products do their job better than ever, and are second to none. The goal of the company is to create clothing products that will support a strong, healthy body, improving physical and mental performance as well as life.

Athlete Endorsements

BSc has a wide range of athlete endorsements. Some of the athletes that endorse the compression clothing that BSc offers include but are not limited to Craig Alexander, Kevin Allwood, Abby Bishop, Warrick Brant, Susie Burrell, Jason Cayless, Daniel Conn, Charlie Duca and Paul Gallen. There are numerous professional teams in Australia and all around the world that endorse BSc compression wear, in addition to the countless individual athletes who have found that BSc compression wear is ideal for them.

Product Range

The BSc compression clothing line is very diverse and offers something for everyone. There are items for men and women, as well as an extensive offering of youth sizes. The products include a variety of tops ranging from tanks, to sleeveless designs, to t-shirt style tops and long sleeve options. Bottoms include shorts, Capri length pants, as well as full pants that will offer support from the waist to the ankle. All of the products are offered in a wide range of styles, colors and sizes that will appeal to every athlete on the road, the court, in the water or on the field and everywhere in between.

Price Range

BSc compression garments vary in price depending on what item you are interested in buying. The compression products are affordable for the masses. Prices start around $60 for the basic compression clothing for youth and they go to about $200 for compression products for adults. Despite the price range and difference from product to product, all of the compression products are made with the same attention to detail and guarantee of quality. The prices are all based on all of the research that has gone into creating a scientifically based product that will support the athlete in all that they do. Prices may vary from location to location as the prices that are offered straight from BSc are simply the suggested manufacturer retail price.

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